Campos, Paulo C. (+)
M.D. Nuclear Medicine
Health Sciences
Noted for his work on nuclear medicine. As a health scientist, Dr. Campos authored/co-authored 75 scientific publications some of which were award winning. His researches namely: (1) Observation on Some Parameter of Insulin Action, (2) Cr-51 Tagged Red Cell Studies, and (3) The Genetic Factor in Endemic Goiter won First Prizes in Research Award. For his achievements in research, the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science named him Outstanding Scientist (Gregorio Y. Zara Award) in 1969.
Dr. Campos is credited for establishing the first and best known Radioisotope Laboratory in the country, the first Research Laboratory in the Department of Medicine, University of the Philippines and the Thyroid Clinic of the UP-PGH Medical Center.
Birthdate: 27 July 1921
Died: 2 June 2007