Oliveros-Belardo, Luz (+)
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Dr. Belardo spent five decades of her life studying the chemistry of natural products and essential oils from Philippine plants. She has extracted 33 new Philippine essential oils and studied their chemical and physical properties. Results of her work found application in the creation of new flavors and in herbal medication.
Her consistent work on phytochemical research brought her honors and 32 awards among which are: The Lunsford-Richardson Award in Pharmacy, USA, 1956; Philippine Pharmaceutical Association Outstanding Pharmacist Award, 1963; Federation International de Abogadas Award, 1979; Waseda University Plaque of Recognition, Japan, 1981; Professional Regulation Commission Award in Pharmacy, 1983; National Research Council of the Philippines Award in Phytochemistry, 1984; Distinguished Leadership Award in Chemistry, USA, 1985; El Consejo Cultural Mundial Award, Mexico, 1988.
She counts with 7 in biographical listing. She was a member of many learned societies here and abroad
Birthdate: 3 November 1906
Died: 12 December 1999