Gomez, Edgardo D. (+)
Ph. D. Marine Biology
Biological Sciences
Academician Edgardo D. Gomez graduatedsumma cum laudefrom De La Salle University (BA/BS Ed) and obtained his MS in Biology and PhD in Marine Biology from St. Mary's University, Minnesota and University of California, San Diego, respectively.

Acd. Gomez is recognized for his outstanding contributions to science particularly his researches on marine ecosystems which became the bases for management of and the conservation programs for the country's marine resources. Most notable among his researches have been on coral reef ecology and conservation, reestablishment of giant clam stocks, and marine science capacity enhancement.

Currently, he is the Coordinator of the Philippines/Southeast Asia Center of Excellence of the Coral Reef Targeted Research Program of the Global Environment Facility and World Bank (GEF/WB) and Principal Investigator in two international projects on coral reef restoration and remediation. Acd. Gomez has numerous scientific publications both nationally and internationally.
Birthdate: November 7, 1938
Died: December 1, 2019