Raymundo, Asuncion K.
Ph.D. Microbial Genetics/Antimicrobials(Antibiotic) Bacterial Taxonomy
Biological Sciences
Dr. Raymundo's specialization covers microbial genetics, industrial microbiology and biotechnology. A pioneer in the application of biotechnology o agriculture in the philippines, she has worked in areas of microbiology ranging from crop pathogens to antibiotic producers, microorganisms in extreme environments and single cell proteins. Among her recent researches are studies on the detection, diversity and genetics of Xanthomas Oryzae pv.orycola and Ralstonia solanacearum. She and her team have proven conclusively that both Moko, a bacterial wilt disease of banana which occurs in many parts of the world and "bugtok" which causes blackning and hardening of fruits of the cooking variesties of banana (plantain) in the philippines, are caused by the same strain of R. solanacearum. on the other hand her work on oryzicola has succeeded in elucidating the genetics of this important rice pathogen. All these accomplishments have important implications on the formulation of disease management strategies, selection of sistant varieties and detection of pathagens.
Dr. Raymundo has also been involved in the studies related to antibiotic production.

Birthdate: 15 August 1946