Tabios, Guillermo Q. III
Ph.D. Civil Engineering
Engineering Sciences and Technology
Dr. Guillermo Q. Tabios III is recognized for his significant and outstanding contributions in the field of civil engineering, specifically in hydraulics engineering and water resources. His pioneering work on two-dimensional hydraulic modelling using finite volume method (FVM0 has been applied to river restoration projects in China. Dr. Tabios extended this method to include sediment transport and water quality or contaminant transport and applied in various rivers, reservoirs and lakes in the country for emergency preparedness plan. He developed the pipe network model with optimization for the Metro Manila water distribution system that facilitated the detection, surveillance and quantification of water lost due to pipe leakage or pilferage, for planning and expansion studies of optimal pipe network distribution system and for normal pipe operations. His optimization-simulation model for monthly reservoir operations of Angat Reservoir has led to a dynamic, anticipatory operation policy over a 6-month planning horizon in satisfying water demand.
Birthdate: 4 December 1955