Matias, Aura C.
Ph.D. Industrial Engineering
Engineering Sciences and Technology

 Dr. Aura G. Matias is recognized for her significant contributions in the field of industrial engineering research and education towards sustainable development and environmental management. The public assessment of water services (PAWS) based on network quality, water quality and service quality, developed by Dr. Matias has been recognized as a key performance indicator of Manila water system concessionaires. Dr. Matias’ assessment study of 18 government agencies regarding perception of corruption resistance among their employees in terms of leadership, organization, procurement, manpower recruitment and promotion, resulted in important baseline information for programs to build integrity among the employees which is now being utilized. Her involvement in various governmental projects has generated new knowledge and crucial information that form the basis of government policy formulation and decision-making structures. Her mentoring capabilities have been highly regarded and encompass not only the field of industrial engineering but other engineering disciplines as well.

Birthdate: 11 September 1960