Olveda, Remigio M. (+)
M.D. Infectious and Tropical Medicine
Health Sciences
Dr. Remigio M. Olveda is recognized for his significant contributions as a researcher, clinician, mentor, and scientist; specifically, for his extensive research in pursuing cost-effective strategies for the control of the Schistosoma japonicum infection in the country affecting 200 million people in 74 countries worldwide. He played a central role in the diversification of sources of research funds leading to multidisciplinary, international research programs of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), where he served for more than 25 years. He established the Good Manufacturing Practices Certified Vaccine Production Plant at RITM capable of producing affordable and high quality vaccines. He also served as resource person, presenter, adviser to many international scientific fora and symposia and mentored students in Gastroenterology at the UP College of Medicine. He also authored and co-authored more than 102 scientific papers published in many high impact and peer-reviewed local and international medical journals.
Birthdate: November 3, 1948
Died: April 24, 2020