Maala, Ceferino P.
Ph.D. Veterinary Medicine
Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Ceferino P. Maala was recognized for his outstanding contributions as a scientist and professor, to the fields of veterinary anatomy and physiology of livestock species, most especially the anatomy of the carabao. He devised alternative methods of animal identification, an important technology for the control of emerging animal diseases. His researches at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Baños have contributed significantly to the development of strategies for the improvement of health, production and reproduction of important livestock species. His numerous publications have been useful references for veterinary anatomy and in the identification and conservation of livestock and wild animal species. Dr. Maala mentored more than 100 undergraduate and graduate students, taught several courses in veterinary medicine and has authored and co-authored eight books and laboratory manuals. He also served as Editor-in-chief of the Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and as co-editor and reviewer of the Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine.
Birthdate: 26 December 1948