Juliano, Jose O.
Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry and Physics
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Dr. Jose O. Juliano is recognized for his outstanding contributions in nuclear chemistry and physics and in the establishment of the nuclear and radioisotope facilities in the country. In particular, he investigated the disintegration of Iron-52 and Iron-53 and the use of radioactivation and phoroneutron counting in the rapid and non-destructive analysis of sulphur and calcium. His studies contributed to the understanding how radioactive decay occurs in nature and showed and paved the way for the increased application of radioactivation in the analysis of various substances. As head of the Philippine Atomic Research Center (PARC) (now Philippine Nuclear Research Institute), Dr. Juliano led the establishment of the country’s first nuclear reactor, the radioisotope production facilities, and other important facilities. His contributions to industry include the development of the detergent bar and powder milk products for infants and adults. He helped establish the most modern pharmaceutical plant and first modern soft gel-capsule plant in the country.
Birthdate: 16 October 1932