Primavera, Jurgenne H.
Ph.D. Marine Science
Biological Sciences
Dr. Jurgenne H. Primavera was recognized for her significant and pioneering research contributions to the aquaculture of marine shrimp, the science-based utilization and conservation of mangroves, and to studies on the critically important beach forest ecosystem. Her research established conditions for induced maturation and broodstock development of sugpo, Penaeus monogon, and other penaeid shrimp that have led to increased farmed shrimp production. Dr. Primavera is an internationally-recognized expert on mangroves. Her extensive studies on mangrove—as nurseries for penaeid shrimp, the integration of brackishwater pond culture and mangrove for aquaculture, and the science-based rehabilitation of mangroves represent a holistic approach to the sustainable use of mangroves. Dr. Primavera has also significantly contributed to the identification of beach forests, including the inventory of and germination trials of various species suitable for the rehabilitation of beach forests. As a scientist of the Southeast Asian Fisheries and Development Center, she mentored many students, staff and trainees from the Philippines and other parts of the world.
Birthdate: 22 February 1947