Jacinto, Gil S.
Marine Chemistry
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
For his significant contributions to the establishment of the first chemical oceanography laboratory in the Philippines and pioneering research in marine pollution chemistry, particularly eutrophication caused by nutrient loading and its effects on water column chemistry and deoxygenation. His work on the speciation of trace metals in Manila Bay was one of the first accurate measurements of dissolved trace elements in seawater in the country. He led large-scale oceanographic surveys of Manila Bay which established episodic hypoxic conditions near the bottom. Studies with his students that quantified and identified nutrient sources entering the bay using modeling tools have been used in other countries. His research on hypoxia in Manila Bay and Bolinao contributed to a seminal review paper published in Science and raised awareness on the problem of deoxygenation in tropical environments and developing countries, particularly in East Asia.
Birthdate: 30 August 1955