Roa, Jr., Camilo C.
M.D. Internal Medicine
Health Sciences
Dr. Roa is an internationally recognized expert in Respiratory Medicine. The global problems of tobacco smoking, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchial asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis are mirrored in the Philippines but at a higher rate. This led to a heightened interest on Dr. Roa’s pioneering and translational researches as well as organizational approaches in the country.
During the COVID pandemic, he is responsible for the establishment of the first community isolation center in the country for mild and symptomatic COVID-19; principal investigator in clinical trials of on-going COVID-vaccines and COVID treatments including High Dose Melatonin for Severe COVID; and adhoc advisor to the IATF on the scientific basis of interventions against COVID-19 and lecturer on the adaptive plans for TB eradication in the midst of the COVID pandemic.
As a clinician-scientist, he invented the device for broncho-provocation using carbogen gas to help diagnose asthma. In 1987, he was invited to join the American College of Chest Physicians for this invention. Seeing so many patients with respiratory failure in PGH manually bagged due to dire lack of ventilators, Dr. Roa invent the Pulmo 1 Mechanical Ambubagger, a stop gap device in the 1990s. The working prototype was displayed in the DOST Science and technology fair that year. Further enhancements were needed but the local invention of a complete ventilator with all the adjustments and alarms needed to support event the very sick patients became the priority. Working with a colleague, the GINHAWA ventilator was invented and is projected to cost 1/5 to 1/4 of the usual P2.5 M ventilator from abroad. The project will deliver 30 ventilator units next year.
Birthdate: 4 August 1954