Villalobos, Annabelle P.
Ph.D. Chemistry
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Corresponding Member
In recognition of her technical expertise and leadership at Johnson & Johnson where she led in the development of successful drug products for anemia, chronic renal failure, cancer chemotherapy, AIDS, and autologous donation for perisurgery.
After taking early retirement from Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Villalobos has dedicated her resources and knowledge in helping various universities in the Philippines, in particular Central Mindanao University, which she assisted in developing research programs on its indigenous plants for use as alternative food sources, medicinal plants, and biopesticides. She led in the development of a natural fungicide for vegetables called TazSCure. She has generously shared her knowledge and resources with a wide range of people, from faculty and students to farmers’ groups. Dr. Villalobos is a true example of a talented and generous Filipino scientist.
Birthdate: 6 August 1954