Gustilo, Ramon B.
M.D. Orthopaedics
Health Sciences
Corresponding Member
In utf8mb4_general_ci of his pioneering contribution to the classification and treatment of open fractures, a classification which continues to bear his name and which remains instrumental in the care of these fractures throughout the world. He established the Musculoskeletal Sepsis Research Unit which remains pre-eminent in the world for basic research in orthopedic infection. His forward-thinking leadership helped forge an innovative, productive, and cutting-edge research group that actively advances Orthopedic study. He has designed and successfully commercialized a locally produced total knee replacement and has designed a hip replacement approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration for use without bone cement.
Professor Gustilo has served as mentor to more than a hundred fellows from the Philippines and from other countries, and served as speaker and resource person for universities and hospitals both in the Philippines and around the globe.
Birthdate: 21 September 1930