Comiso, Josefino C.
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Corresponding Member
In utf8mb4_general_ci of his significant contributions to the local and international scientific community and the general public, as polar science expert, climatologist and satellite remote sensing scientist. Among his outstanding scientific contributions are the establishment of the warming trends in the Artic, the rapid decline in the Artic sea ice over, and important inputs in the highly acclaimed IPCC-2007 report which was the basis for the Nobel Peace Prize award to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007.
He has continually contributed to science and technology in the country through key initiatives. He co-founded the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE) which has attracted more than 200 highly achieving scientists, engineers and scholars with Filipino background from different parts of the world to harness this resource in strengthening S & T in the country.
As Balik Scientist since 1995, he has helped develop and strengthen knowledge, skills and awareness among Filipino scientists, students, and policy makers on rocketry and satellite remote sensing, climate change, adaptation and mitigation through lectures, hands-on demonstration and workshops. He helped organize the Philippine Remote Sensing Society (PRSS) that has become the focal point for joint projects and collaboration among scientists in the Philippines.
Birthdate: 21 September 1940