De los Reyes III, Francis L.
Ph.D Environmental Engineering
Biological Sciences
Corresponding Member
For his significant research and scientific contributions at the interface of microbial ecology/biotechnology and environmental bioengineering, leading to deeper understanding of microbial communities in biological reactors and other environmental systems. His pioneering research relating microbial ecology to bioreactor function has elucidated fundamental mechanisms in, and led to improvements in design and operation of: aerobic processes for transforming water pollutants and nutrients, anaerobic and phototrophic processes for converting wastes and biomass to energy, sustainable sanitation systems, and wastewater treatment and collection systems. He has advocated for sustainable sanitation, particularly in underserved communities.

He has served as adjunct professor, research collaborator, mentor to graduate students, and speaker and resource person for several universities in the Philippines. He has been Board Member, Board Chair, and President of the Philippine-American Academy of Science and Engineering.