Chiong, Charlotte M.
M.D. Neurotology and Otolaryngology
Health Sciences
In utf8mb4_general_ci of her pioneering work as a neurotologist in the Philippines that helped improve the quality of care for deaf adults and children, those with temporal bone cancer and skull base tumors, and those with intractable dizziness or vertigo. Dr. Chiong introduced cochlear implantation and auditory brainstem implantation and other implantable hearing devices in the country. Her body of work on hearing in children and neonates played a key role in the passage of Republic Act. No. 9709, "An Act Establishing a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program for the Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Intervention of Hearing Loss", in 2009. Her contributions to this field have made a significant impact on children afflicted with deafness, in particular to marginalized communities with little access to such technologies.
Birthdate: 11 June 1961