Rivera, Windell L.
Ph.D. Microbiology and Immunology
Biological Sciences
In utf8mb4_general_ci of his significant research contributions in Microbiology, particularly in the field of Protozoology; for having established the remarkable genetic heterogeneity of different protozoans within the taxonomic rank and species; for his pioneering work in the development of a diagnostic tool to accurately differentiate the morphologically identical yet genetically distinct Entamoeba species, the amebiasis-causing Entamoeba histolytica and the nonpathogenic Entamoeba dispar; for the rediscription of the nomenclature of a number of protozoan species formally classified according to their host-specificity and for accurate diagnoses of medically-important protozoans through the design of a number of DNA markers that are now being utilized by many laboratories worldwide.
Birthdate: 18 November 1968