Meñez, Maria Antonette J.
Ph.D. Marine Biology
Biological Sciences
Dr. Maria Antonette J. Meñez is a pioneer invertebrate scientist extraordinaire, outstanding marine conservationist and development worker. She is a very prolific scientist with 1667 citation in her career, with 883 of these citation in the last five (5) years.
Among these work are mainly on overtebrate phylogeography and fisheries especially on lobsters, sea urchins, sea cucumnbers and giant clams. Dr. Meñez recognize for her well balanced practical applications of theory and practice in coastal resources management and eviromental governance.
She involved in various regional scientific and interagency workshops realted to "Managing conflits in the South China Sea", particularly in joint marine scientific research and development. Currently member of the informal advisory grou (IAG) for ecologically or biologically significant marine areas - Convention on Biological Biodiversity.
Birthdate: 12 October 1959