Gomez, Romel D.
Ph.D. Applied Physics
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Corresponding Member
Dr. Romel D. Gomez recognize of his significant contributions in the field of magnetism, nano electronics, surface science and biochemical sensors. He has been awarded three US and one EU patents including a method of measuring magnetic fields on magnetically recorded media using a scanning tunneling microscope and an electronic micro array binding sonsor for genetic detection for detecting cancer and pathogens.

Dr. Gomez and his team have intoduced the stress induced effects in epitaxial manganese oxide films experiment on the relatinship between crystal structure and electrical properties of high-TC materials; elucidated the micromagnetic structures on the domain configurations of Permalloy and demonstrated spin effects on thin film magnetization, which had found profound influence on modern magnetic recording drivers as well as new concepts for non-volatile memory in future computers.

Dr. Gomez has mentored several Filipno students obtain doctorate degrees in various universities in the US. He has collaborated with filipino scientist and helped spur the creation of two high impact projects in science education and in low cost, rapid and reliable testing of dengue and other tropical diseases.
Birthdate: 6 January 1960