Salvador, Arnel A.
Ph.D. Physics
Mathematical and Physical Sciences

In utf8mb4_general_ci of his significant contributions and pioneering work in experimental condensed matter and applied solid state physics, specifically the fabrication of optoelectronic devices using Groups III-V semiconductors that are grown via molecular beam epitaxy techniques and which can be applied in semiconductor lasers and photodetectors for optical communication, terahertz emitter and detectors for spectroscopic identification of chemicals and imaging.

Dr. Salvador has produced pioneering results in his field as manifested in numerous highly cited peer-reviewed technical publications. He established an advanced and globally competitive academe-based semiconductor research laboratory dedicated to training and mentoring highly-skilled and competent undergraduate and graduate scientists. He also established and set up international collaborations that allowed his students to also work in research laboratories abroad; a testament to his resolve to improve the level of S&T in the Philippines.


Birthdate: 21 January 1963