Mangahas, Mahar K.
Ph.D. Economics
Social Sciences
Dr Mahar Mangahas is a multi-awarded scholar for his pioneering work in public opinion research in the Philippines and in South East Asia. He founded the now familiar entity, “Social Weather Stations” (SWS) which has been doing public opinion research since 1985 and which has become increasingly influential, nay indispensable, in the conduct of Philippine political life and policy. SWS has been serving the country and policymakers as an independent and timely source of pertinent and credible data on Philippine economic, social and political landscape.
Dr Mangahas started to make a name for himself working in Agricultural economics focused on the diffusion of rice technology He has also distinguished himself as an anti-infaltion economist arguing that high inflation is anti-poor and is an important enabler of poverty.
Birthdate: 23 January 1944