Gregorio, Glenn B.
Ph.D. Genetics
Agricultural Sciences
Dr. Glenn B. Gregorio’s major contribution is in the genetics and breeding for salinity tolerance and related abiotic stresses in rice. His works resulted in the development of the first batches of salt tolerant varieties in the Philippines, and expanded to other countries in Asia and Africa. His studies on the genetics and molecular mapping for salinity tolerance along with the development of rapid screening techniques has fast tracked the identification and development of salt tolerant germplasm and breeding lines that help research institutions in the Philippines and around the world to established and support their breeding program towards development of climate change ready rice varieties. His pioneering work in breeding and genetics of high iron and zinc rice for human health including the bio-efficacy study in the consumption of high iron rice has fade the way in the development of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation project on breeding for biofortified crops not only rice but other staple crops like wheat, maize, beans, cassava, and sweet potatoes.
Birthdate: 5 March 1965