Amoroso, Victor B.
Ph.D. Botany
Biological Sciences
Dr. Victor B. Amoroso is an authority of ferns in the Philippines. He has contributed significantly in the field of botany and at the forefront of biodiversity research through his discoveries of new plant species thus contributing to scientific knowledge and advancement both locally and internationaly. Dr. Amoroso is immensely influential in molding the minds of future Filipino and ASEAN researchers, teachers and administrators through teaching, mentoring activities and collaborations with local governments (LGUs) and other stakeholders.
Dr. Amoroso has led in the advance ment of research and development of economic ferns and lycophytes in the Philippines including their potential as functional foods, as source og nutraceuticals and medicine based on indigenous and scientific knowledge. Dr. Amoroso established a Herbarium, globally recognized by Index Herbarium and Fern Spore Bank and a Fern Garden of more than a hundred threatened, endemic and economic species at Bukidnon.
Birthdate: 1 January 1953