Torres, William T.
Ph.D. Computer Science
Engineering Sciences and Technology
Dr. William T. Torres is recognized for his significant pioneering contributions in computer and information technology and is known as the Father of the Internet in the Philippines.
He authored the National Information Technology (IT) Plan and, as chair of the IT Coordinating Council, he was primarily responsible for the harmonization of its multi- sectoral implementation. He helped conceptualize and led the formulation, promotion, negotiation of three major national initiatives, namely, the Government Communications Network project, the Software Development Institute project and the PhilNET project, interconnecting nationwide research and educational networks with the global Internet.
He started negotiations with the US National Science Foundation to bring the Internet into the country. Dr. Torres also directed the planning and implementation of government-wide IT programs and projects of the National Computer Center as the Resource and Learning Center of Information Technology for the government.
Dr. Torres was chaired the Ad Hoc Committee of the Cabinet Assistance System that formulated the Nationai IT Plan (June 1988 to April 1989), and in May 1989 was designated Chairman of the IT Coordinating Council that oversaw the implementation the national programs in telecommuniations, industry, government, education and training, and research and development of the NITP.
Birthdate: 15 November 1932