Lagmay, Alfredo Mahar Francisco A.
Ph.D. Geology
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Dr. Alfredo Mahar Francisco A. Lagmay was recognized for his significant and pioneering research contributions toward understanding the multi-faceted aspects of natural hazards, including volcanic hazards, tectonics, persistent scatter interferometry of faulted regions, and natural hazards management, particularly as they apply to the Philippines. For his research on the relationship of strike-slip faults and deformation of volcanoes that made volcanologists around the world realize that underlying faults contribute to the evolution and behavior of stratovolcanoes; for his research that led to the understanding that the eruptive behavior of volcanoes and the character of the land where they have grown are interconnected; and for his published articles on the Philippine plate boundaries which have served as technical basis for the Philippine claim in the Benham Rise region, a sea bed territory equivalent to nearly half the size of the archipelago, approved by the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea. With his wide range of expertise and experience in geology and disaster science, he continues to serve the Filipino people by conducting research in areas stricken by disaster.
Birthdate: 4 October 1967