Cuevas, Virginia C.
Ph.D. Botany
Biological Sciences
Dr. Virginia C. Cuevas was recognized for her significant contributions as scientist, educator and mentor in the field of mycology and environmental biology. Her studies on cellulose and lignin degrading fungi led to the development of a rapid composting technology using Trichoderma harzianum as activator, which is now used in organic agriculture in the country. She also developed the Trichoderma Microbial Inoculant (TMI) which enhances crop growth and acts as a biocontrol agent for crop fungal diseases. The TMI has been tested and proven effective against the clubroot disease of cabbage that causes millions of pesos of damage in Benguet. These Trichoderma technologies are being further tested in areas covered by mine tailings and in agroforestry areas in various parts of the country. A recipient of various national and professional awards for her contributions as a scientist, she has also received prestigious teaching awards such as the Metrobank Outstanding Teacher Award (tertiary level) for her contributions as an educator and mentor to more than 30 BS, MS and PhD students and countless students who took her courses.
Birthdate: 6 October 1949