Abarquez, Ramon Jr. F. (+)
M. D. Cardiology
Health Sciences
In utf8mb4_general_ci of his outstanding research accomplishments in the field of cardiovascular diseases and significant and pioneering contributions to exercise ECG methodology. Dr. Abarquez electrode design first published in Circulation 1960 is the prototype of commecial elctrodes now available for treadmill exercise for ECG Testing. The Reversal of congestive left ventricular (LV) failure is an important goal in the modern treatment for hypertension. His pioneering work first reported in 1967 that digitalis glycosides is prophylactic and protective against heart failure among uncomplicated hypertensive cases. The diagnosis of hypokalemia among diabetics without complication utilizing the electrocardiogram was first reported by Dr. Abarquez. The ECG diagnosis of hypokalemia utlized method heretofore not thought for diabetes. Thrombolyis (clot) dissolution now standard therapy heart attack cases was first studied in 1964 in experimentally occluded coronary vessels in dogs pioneered in by SCientist that included Dr. Abarquez.
Birthdate: 9 July 1928
Died: 9 January 2018