Tabios, Guillermo Q. III
Civil Engineering
Agricultural Sciences

In recognition of his significant and outstanding accomplishments in the area of environmental changes and processes from geologicalto historical time scales that have helped local and national leaders and environmental managers reach informed decisions.His works with students and collaborators include reconstruction of precipitation and sea level patterns, examination of the fossil record to assess the resilience of present day coral reefs to warming seas,mapping areas that are highly vulnerable to marine inundation and coastal erosion, determining the roles of warming seas and eutrophication in the occurrence of harmful algal blooms, and elucidating the impact of large volcanic eruptions to marine primary production. They continue to explore coastal-plain subsidence and its link to worsening floods and a new field, the submarine groundwater discharge. His research results are documented in more than 30 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and have been presented in various conferences, both at the national and international levels

Birthdate: 12 December 1955