Tupasi, Thelma E.
Infectious Diseases
Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Thelma E. Tupasi is the leading expert on infectious diseases in the Philippines today. She has published 112 papers on all types of infectious diseases and antibiotic therapy, 1/3 of which were published in international journals. Fourteen of these were given research awards (4 first, 8 second and 2 third prizes) by the Philippine Medical Association, PHA, Philippine College of Physicians and Pediatric Society.

She is recognized nationally and internationally. She has served as a member or officer of top medical specialty societies of the Philippines (e.g. Philippine College of Physicians, Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) and international bodies (e.g. Western Pacific Society of Chemotherapy, International Society of Infectious Diseases). Dr. Tupasi has also served as chair or member of various committees of World Health Organization.

Birthdate: 13 September 1940