Rasco, Eufemio Jr. M.
Plant Breeding
Agricultural Sciences

In recognition of his pioneering and outstanding contributions in the field of plant breeding, specifically tropical vegetables
breeding at the University of the Philippines Los Banos and at the East-West Seed Company, Philippines.
The majority of the vegetable varieties now commercially available not only in the Philippines but also in most of Asia are products of his vegetable breeding activities.

Dr. Rasco's comprehensive work on breeding, seed production, and agronomy of the tropical white potato has contributed to the body of knowledge documented in the book "The Potato in Tropical Asia" of which he is the main author. This book has become the authoritive source of technical information on tropical white potato.

His collaborative research work with the private sector has resulted in the approval of new genetically modified (GM) corn hybrids, contributing to a healthy competition in the expanding market for GM crops in the Philippines.

Birthdate: 12 March 1915