Mendoza, Eduardo R.
Agricultural Sciences
Corresponding Member

In recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements in mathematics and systems biology and demonstrated dedication to the
development of science in the Philippines. His PhD dissertation led to significant advances in several fields, such as the Cuspidal
Cohomology Problem and Serre‘s Modularity Conjecture for quadratic number fields, which have been extensively cited in over 50
papers in leading math journals and 4 books. His main construct has been called the “Mendoza complex”. During his work in the
German ICT industry for 22 years, Dr. Mendoza published 22 papers on ICT. In 1997, he received the Microsoft President’s Award in recognition of his outstanding work in ICT. Since 2002, Dr. Mendoza has applied his expertise in mathematics and informatics in
the interdisciplinary applications of Theory of Complex Systems and Systems Biology as he joined the Ludwig Maximilian University
in Munich, where he is currently Senior Research Scientist at the LMU’s Faculty of Physics. Since 2003, Dr. Mendoza has maintained a very active engagement of mentoring numerous students and young faculty members within the Philippinemathematics and science communities. He initiated programmes on systems biology with young Filipino academics and collaborators which have resulted in 29 ISI publications in the interdisciplinary areas of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. He continues to mentor and train Filipino students at the UP campuses and private universities through his regular visits to the country or over the internet and via skype.